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Topring 68.272 Adjustable Cold Air gun

$699.99 CAD
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  • Brand:Topring
  • Model:68.272
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•Provides a stream of cold air at 24 °C below supply air temperature
•Adjustable air flow and temperature
•Magnetic base
•20 cm in Snap-flex hose

Benefits COLD AIR GU NS are an alternative to expensive mist cooling systems. They provide a stream of cold air at 41 °C below supply air temperature without liquid coolants, freon, part contamination, electricity or moving parts. They will remove heat to extend tool life and increase productivity during machining operations when liquid coolants cannot be used.
• Increase feeds, speeds and quality
•Eliminate liquid coolant cost, contamination and skin irritation

•Finish the job with a clean dry part
•Improve tool life, production rates, and finish tolerances
•Eliminate microcracking and burning
•Stainless steel construction
•Maintenance-free, no moving parts
•Integrated muffler for quiet efficient operation around workers
•Instant ON/OFF
•A 5 micron filter is recommended for most applications

•Air-cooled dry machining for metals, composites, plastic, rubber, wood
•Perfect for tapping operations
•Ideal for grinding, milling and drilling
•For cooling plastics, metals, hot melts, adhesives, solders and mold toolings

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