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Phase3 ALA-8 8 Channel Audio Level Amplifier

$99.99 CAD
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  • Brand:VideoQuip
  • Model:ALA-8
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The ALA-8 is a balanced 8 channel audio level amplifier, for use where the gain of various line level audio signals needs to be increased.

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The 8 audio channels are completely independent, and all inputs and outputs are balanced. Audio connections are made via screw clamp terminal blocks.
The gain of each channel is adjustable from 0 dB to +26 dB. Gain controls are accessible from the front panel, and are recessed multi-turn trimpots.
Manufacturer Videoquip
Model Number ALA-8/R
Used or new. Used
Item tested or untested. Tested
Power requirements. --
Qty included in this sale. 1
Esthetic condition. Excellent
Shipping Dimension/Weight 23"x9"x6"/3kg
Manual, leads, accessories. None
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