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Parker AR-02AE Aries Servo Motor Drives

$299.99 CAD
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  • Brand:Parker
  • Model:AR-02AE
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The Parker / Compumotor Aries servo motor drives are a family of super compact, super efficient digital servo drives. Their maximum continuous shaft power of 200 Watts. Ready for direct panel mounting, you can select the precise power level needed for your application. Aries Servo Drives can control the torque, velocity, and position of servo motors using a digital current loop. Control of Aries Drives is performed using controllers, which have standard ±10V torque command, ±10V velocity command, or 5V TTL step and direction interface.

Removed from working equipment. It has a few scratches. Used

Item tested or untested Tested
Power requirements 120/240V 200Watts
Qty included in this sale 1
Esthedic condition Good
Shipping Dimension/Weight 11" X 9" X 5"H / 3 kilos
Manual, leads, accessories. None
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