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Lot of 4 Airpel M9D125.0U Anti-Stiction Air Cylinder

$199.99 CAD
  • SKU:2216115-2216113-2216109-2216112
  • Brand:Airpel
  • Model:M9D125.0U
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Airpel Anti-Stiction® Air Cylinders created an amazing new class of pneumatic actuators specifically designed for highly accurate force control. They are built using a graphite piston / borosilicate glass cylinder combination in which each piston is selectively matched to fit the cylinder with extremely close clearances. They have unparalleled low friction, responding to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi. Starting and running friction are almost identical, preventing jerky, uncontrolled starts and providing uniform smoothness throughout the full stroke of the device. Airpel low friction air cylinders are unaffected by extreme temperature variations, run clean and do not contaminate surrounding components. No interference seals are required, and there are no lubricants or other liquids to leak. Materials used are clean running and self-lubricating and are capable of exceedingly high cycle rates. They do not heat up or materially change under conditions of rapid and/or continuous cycling and they have a life-span of multi-millions of cycles.

Lot of 4 brand new cylinder. Good working condition.

Item tested or untested Tested
Power requirements N/A
Qty included in this sale 4
Esthedic condition Good
Shipping Dimension/Weight 14" X 9" X 6"H / 2 kilos
Manual, leads, accessories. None
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