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Eurotherm 808/R1/R1/R1/C4/0/QS/AJGF145 Temperature controller * PN 2188

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Without change of the hardware the main process variable input of the instrument can be
configured to suit various thermocouples and resistance thermometers, (PtlOO). Recalibration is not necessary for this procedure. Signals up to 25V can be accommodated by using input adapters in the linear input option. Linearisation is scaleable within the display range of -999 to 9999, with tenths display resolution. The controller is also equipped with a ramp to setpoint function. This enables it to automatically adjust the setpoint to give a defined rate of change of the process temperature. In the programmer version, two ramps and two dwell periods may be set. The modular construction of the instruments allows up to three output channels to perform various functions. The instrument can be configured as a heat cool controller with one alarm, or a heat only controller with two alarms. The heat output may be fitted with a dc output. For communications with a host computer system the instrument can be fitted with either an EIA 232 or EIA 422 digital interface. This enables the automatic recording of measured values on a printer, or the use of a proprietary supervisory system such as Eurotherm Controls ESP package.
Eurotherm 808/R1/R1/R1/C4/0/QS/AJGF145 Temperature controller * PN 2188

excellent condition
P.N: 2188
output1: Relay, output2: Relay
Alarm: Relay
comms: RS422
Input: J thermocouple
Range: 32-600F
Manufacturer Eurotherm
Model Number 808/R1/R1/R1/C4/0/QS/AJGF145
Used or new. Used
Item tested or untested. Tested
Power requirements. -
Qty included in this sale. 6
Esthetic condition. Excellent
Shipping Dimension/Weight       12"x8"x6"/2kg
Manual, leads, accessories. None
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