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Eastern Air Devices LA23GCKC-1Y Linear Actuator w/ Pacific Scientific Model 6410-009-N-N-N Drive

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  • Model:LA23GCKC-1Y
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Danaher Motion’s Pacific Scientific 6410 converts step and direction inputs into motor winding currents to control a two-phase stepper motor. Principal features include microstepping and mid-band instability compensation for high resolution and smooth operation through both the low speed and mid-band resonance regions.

The drive supplies regulated phase currents for supply voltages between 24 and 75 VDC. It is designed for use with Danaher Motion’s line of hybrid stepping motors and will work with either the standard line or the enhanced performance line

Linear actuators are mechanical devices used to move items through a system. The device uses energy to develop force and motion in a linear manner, as opposed to a rotational motion in an electric motor. Linear actuators offer advantages including a simple design with minimal moving parts. They are self-contained and can achieve high speeds, and the actuator has identical behavior extending and retracting. The disadvantage to using a linear actuator is that it can only achieve a low force of actuation.

Good working condition. It has a few scratches. Used

Item tested or untested Tested
Power requirements  4.0V 4Ph 1.8A
Qty included in this sale 1
Esthedic condition Good
Shipping Dimension/Weight 16" X 13" X 5"H / 3 kilos
Manual, leads, accessories. None
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