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Eastern Air Devices LA23GCKC-1 Linear Actuator w/ Pacific Scientific Drive model 6410-024-N-N-N

$449.99 CAD
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  • Brand:Eastern Air Devices
  • Model:LA23GCKC-1
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Danaher Motion’s Pacific Scientific 6410 converts step and direction inputs into motor winding currents to control a two-phase stepper motor. Principal features include microstepping and mid-band instability compensation for high resolution and smooth operation through both the low speed and mid-band resonance regions.

Linear actuators are mechanical devices used to move items through a system. The device uses energy to develop force and motion in a linear manner, as opposed to a rotational motion in an electric motor. Linear actuators offer advantages including a simple design with minimal moving parts. They are self-contained and can achieve high speeds, and the actuator has identical behavior extending and retracting. The disadvantage to using a linear actuator is that it can only achieve a low force of actuation.

Good working condition. It has a few scratches. Used.

Item tested or untested Tested
Power requirements  4V 4Ph 1.8A
Qty included in this sale 1
Esthedic condition Good
Shipping Dimension/Weight  16" X 13" X 5" H / 3 kilos
Manual, leads, accessories. None
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