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Allen Bradley 194E-E63-1753 B OFF-ON 3-Pole Switch Front-Mounted

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  • Brand:Allen Bradley
  • Model:194E-E63-1753 B
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Bulletin 194E load switches are designed for use as local motor isolation or other load switch applications. Available with 3- and 6-pole versions with add-on additional poles, grounding and neutral terminals and auxiliary contacts, the Bulletin 194E shares the same operating handles as the Bulletin 194L Control and Load Switches. Bulletin 194E switches are offered in two mounting styles, Front/Door and Base/DIN configurations for a variety of installations. Switch body styles for Bulletin 194E base-mounted switches include standard interlock shaft; Bulletin 194E front-mounted switches include standard shaft. Two-position OFF-ON switch is used to connect or disconnect a variety of inductive loads, including solenoids, valves, magnetic starters, relays, and motors. Handles featuring marked legend plates are available in Selector-Knob, Disk-Style, Rectangular-Style and Key-Operated versions. Selector-Knob versions are available in three sizes. Most handles are available in colors of grey/black or red/yellow and have padlockable versions.

- 63 Amps
- 25 Hp @ 480V AC 60 Hz 3‑Phase
- 22KW at 690V AC 50 Hz

New old stock.

Item tested or untested Tested
Power requirements 63A 25HP 22KW
Qty included in this sale 1
Esthedic condition Good
Shipping Dimension/Weight 7" X 6" X 5" / 2 kilos
Manual, leads, accessories. None
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